DNS software for Debian.

This is a collection of DNS software packages for the Debian 7 "wheezy" operating system. They are not part of the official Debian archive, and any packaging bugs should be directly.

How to use

These packages are signed with my GPG key. In order to authenticate them, you will need to run the following command as root in order to import my key into the trusted set of keys used by apt to authenticate packages.

wget -O -\?fingerprint=769FBF4873014091 | apt-key add -

Add one or more of the deb repository lines below to apt's sources list by creating files in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory or by editing /etc/apt/sources.list. Then run apt-get update. The repository's packages can then be installed with apt-get install.

Available repositories

The repositories available from this site and the binary packages they contain are described below.


deb wheezy main

Latest release of BIND9. No modifications are made to the upstream source as shipped by ISC. The following binary packages are available:

These packages conflict with the BIND9 packages shipped in Debian main. If you want to migrate to these packages, it is recommended to back up your /etc/bind directory and purge the currently installed BIND9 packages before installing these packages and migrating your configuration. Note that the package names installed by the Debian BIND9 version vary, but you can find the current ones using the following command:

dpkg-query -W -f '${source:Package},${Package}\n' | grep "^bind9," | cut -f2 -d,


deb wheezy main

Latest release of Unbound. The following binary packages are available:

These packages track the latest Debian unbound package but are compiled in a wheezy build environment.